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but wait, there's more
A portrait seen in the background of one shot appears to be of a previous League, and corresponds to a similar portrait seen in the comic. This previous (1780s?) League consists, then, of: The Reverend Dr. Syn, pirate and highwayman; Sir Percy Blakeney, the Scarlett Pimpernel; Natty Bumppo, aka Hawkeye or the Deerslayer, hero of "Last of the Mohicans"; and Lemuel Gulliver, of "Gulliver's Travels". Two female members appearing in the comic portrait - Lady Blakeney and Fanny Hill - are absent.

The other two portraits in the meeting room also represent previous Leagues. The first shows Robin Hood (from various legends/poems), Ivanhoe (from Walter Scott's novel), and the Black Arrow (a Robert Louis Stevenson novel). The Black Arrow, though, is set in the 15th (during the War of the Roses) century, far later than Robin Hood and Ivanhoe, but this may be one of the many who took the name prior to the novel's setting.

The other portrait displays the Four Musketeers (Porthos, Athos, Aramis, and D'Artagnan, from the various novels by Alexandre Dumas), the Sea Hawk and Captain Blood (both pirates created by Rafael Sabatini and incidentally, both played by Eroll Flynn in the movies).